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My Marketing Man began as a response to a major market need. I’ve been a contractor for over 25 years. Contractors are underrepresented when it comes to marketing. I got tired of dealing with clueless marketing agencies that regarded myself and my business in a trivial manner. All the 3rd party marketers I worked with had a detrimental effect on my business. It took serious damage control on my part to rectify the damage caused on each occasion by the inept outside marketers. Enough was enough. I decided that we needed a marketing agency that understands the unique needs of contractors. 


My Marketing Man was founded by a contracting industry insider. So, MMM understands how to reach consumers in an authentic voice that accurately reflects their cares and concerns. We understand that people hate being hard sold, but they love being entertained. Our proprietary methods allow us to produce marketing content that consumers readily intake. That means no more wasted capital being sucked into a marketing black hole. Finally, your company’s marketing budget will yield a positive return on its investment with our quantifiable process.


Ciro Pennino’s 20 years in the music industry and consumer service business came into full focus with laser like precision to launch My Marketing Man.


Ciro launched My Marketing Man to disrupt traditional marketing that puts client dollars at risk without providing reliable results. MMM zeroes in on the actual services you need, gets your input, and presents you with choices for each selection.


► Video Production
► Marketing
► Creative Services


Partner with My Marketing Man as we disrupt the abhorrent norm and return the industry to its entertainment roots. Put your company on the right side of history and skip the strong-armed elevator sales pitch. No one is listening anyway!


Ciro Pennino, Founder